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About Us

The Bachelor Degree Program of Applied Science and Technology (BAST) was established in 2013. It is the first undergraduate program among technical universities in Taiwan featuring highly personalized curricula, allowing each student in the program to customize their own learning paths. BAST is also the first program in the country dedicated to cultivating students with proven technical skills.

There are currently two major tracks of study in this program: the Mechanical Engineering track and the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science track. Students can choose their tracks based on their expertise, interests, and career plans.

BAST’s curriculum has three major features: 1) deepening practical application, 2) connecting to industry development, and 3) enhancing international perspective. Capstone projects, nationwide contest-based projects, and semester-based off-campus internships are part of our compulsory courses for deepening practical applications. We recruited senior industrial managers to join BAST as our technical faculty members to continuously improve the skills of technically gifted students and enhance connections to the industry. Multiple measures are in place to enhance students’ international perspective such as English requirements, overseas internship courses, and the international exchanges. BAST strives to incubate technology elites who meet the needs of the industry and have international mobility.